Rise of the Wimpires


Sometimes Life Imitates Art

(Image and Adventure Courtesy Mike Krahulik – www.penny-arcade.com – TM, Copyright 2010, Don’t use this without crediting him!)

The Dwell family are a troupe of traveling actors. They travel from town to town putting on various plays. Recently they have found great success with their show “Dusk”. It is the story of forbidden love between a young girl and a vampire. Teenage girls go wild for the play and the Dwell family ends up playing to huge crowds in every town they visit.

The play now happens to be playing the bustling town of Fallcrest and the troupers anticipate another record turnout.

Meanwhile, a group of errant adventurers have found themselves within the walls of Fallcrest. They seek respite after long journeys and hard adventures. They arrive at the fanciest inn, the Wild Stallion, and have been waiting for their waitress, Roselyn, to bring them their meal…

Come to think of it, they placed their order 45 minutes ago. What is taking so long!?

The truth of the story here is that a group of vampires posing as crew members has infiltrated the production. The actors are all oblivious to the fact that their stage hands are all vampires. When trying to get backstage to meet the actors, young girls often find themselves dealing with the crew first. Most of the time these girls are simply sent away but some times (usually on the last night of a show and before leaving for the next town) the crew lures one of these girls back to their wagon where she is eaten in classic vampire style. Usually the entertainers are long gone before anyone notices the missing girl but this time they got a little greedy and snatched the girl early.
The clues and conversations should eventually lead the PC’s to the realization that the crew is behind the disappearance.


I just got to say, hilariously Brilliant idea for an adventure! Kudos.

p. -Arsheesh


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