Rise of the Wimpires

The Undercrypt
Twin Cathedrals
What!? Skulls make good friends, I promise!

A quiet flowed over the adventurer’s, they had successfully defeated the vampires and they had saved the girl. Unfortunately, it seemed like they were a bit too late. There, laying on the ground unconscious, was Tess Green, but she was riddled with vampire bites.

Despite some early protests, the adventurers decide that they couldn’t go back on their word. They had promised Roselyn her daughter and her daughter she would deliver. Under cover of night, the group ventured forth to bring Roselyn her daughter. Upon seeing her daughter, Roselyn broke down and started to cry. The adventurers quickly pushed her inside behind closed doors. Tess had not turned yet, but she was on the verge of changing. Roselyn implored everyone to find a way to save her daughter. Between horrific pleas and cries for help, Roselyn did remember stories of an old Alchemist by the docks on the north side of Fallcrest.

Leaving the Eladrin wizard with Roselyn and an unconscious Tess, the adventurer’s raced off into the night to find the old Alchemist. As they were headed through the streets of Fallcrest, the party realized that they were being shadowed. They quickly hatched a plan. Once the creatures realized they had been discovered, they ran from the party. One of them ran way far ahead of the other. The second creature was tangled up by its cloak and couldn’t make as easy of an escape. BWONG! Anaren quickly grabbed a nearby trashcan lid and hurled it at the creature, knocking it to the ground. Gracie then lept onto the back of the fallen figure and pulled its hood back to reveal a very confused and slightly irritated Wilden.

Up ahead, the other cloaked figure found himself quickly surrounded by thugs of the Tanuki gang. After trying to negotiate himself out of paying for the toll, the hooded sorcerer quickly found himself running back toward his companion screaming something about aberrants while calling forth cosmic energy. Miri, sensing great injustice, leapt to the aid of the surrounded man, despite her initial hesitance of the shadowy figures. A battle ensued and the adventurers

Wherein our fabled adventurers defeat some horrid Vampires

After learning the usually calm-nerved Roselyn Green had been “out of sorts,” the party finds that her precious daughter had gone missing the previous evening. Accepting her pleas for help, the adventurers combed the town of Fallcrest for clues as to where young Tess had gone.

After a successful interrogation of Tess’ best friend, the party learned that they had snuck away to see the fabled “Dusk” and that Tess had stayed behind to meet with the actors. She never returned.

The party began the painstaking task of interrogating the various members of the traveling troupe and seemed to be met with resistance every step of the way. (I mean, have you ever had to deal with actors before? Seriously, have you? So. Annoying.) They were even ambushed by wolves! It was almost as if someone was watching them. Eventually, the crew learned that the Stage Manager was the last to have seen Tess and they approach him.

Suddenly, the Stage Manager put a spell on the theater crowd, forcing our adventurers to fight unwilling enemies, and vanished in the distance.

After vanquishing their horrific foes (especially Becky, getting hit in the head with her purse was more than enough pain and embarrassment for one day), the heroes discovered that the entire Stage Crew took off with some wagons down the old, windy Trader’s road. Their cover was blown, they were clearly behind all the missing girls throughout the land.

Fortunately, by good fortune and completely random happenstance, the crew left one wagon behind. Our party jumped aboard the wagon and pursued the evil Stage Crew Vampires (Which is also my Grateful Dead Cover Band name).

The battle raged on as the wagons careened down the dangerous road in the middle of the night, our heroes emerged victorious. First dispatching the henchmen and finally eliminating the Stage Manager Vampire. His screams echoed across the sky as his undead body turned to dust. It was totally epic.

Upon his defeat, the adventurers were able to find the unconscious form of Tess Green. She was alive, but her body was marked by 2 pronged bites, the horrific trademark of a vampire feast.

A lone wolf howls in the distance…

Sometimes Life Imitates Art

(Image and Adventure Courtesy Mike Krahulik – www.penny-arcade.com – TM, Copyright 2010, Don’t use this without crediting him!)

The Dwell family are a troupe of traveling actors. They travel from town to town putting on various plays. Recently they have found great success with their show “Dusk”. It is the story of forbidden love between a young girl and a vampire. Teenage girls go wild for the play and the Dwell family ends up playing to huge crowds in every town they visit.

The play now happens to be playing the bustling town of Fallcrest and the troupers anticipate another record turnout.

Meanwhile, a group of errant adventurers have found themselves within the walls of Fallcrest. They seek respite after long journeys and hard adventures. They arrive at the fanciest inn, the Wild Stallion, and have been waiting for their waitress, Roselyn, to bring them their meal…

Come to think of it, they placed their order 45 minutes ago. What is taking so long!?

The truth of the story here is that a group of vampires posing as crew members has infiltrated the production. The actors are all oblivious to the fact that their stage hands are all vampires. When trying to get backstage to meet the actors, young girls often find themselves dealing with the crew first. Most of the time these girls are simply sent away but some times (usually on the last night of a show and before leaving for the next town) the crew lures one of these girls back to their wagon where she is eaten in classic vampire style. Usually the entertainers are long gone before anyone notices the missing girl but this time they got a little greedy and snatched the girl early.
The clues and conversations should eventually lead the PC’s to the realization that the crew is behind the disappearance.


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