The Dwell family are a troupe of traveling actors. They travel from town to town putting on various plays. Recently they have found great success with their show “Dusk.” It is the story of forbidden love between a young girl and a vampire. Teenage girls go wild for the play and the Dwell family ends up playing to huge crowds in every town they visit. While it brings joy to many people, a dark cloud looms over the play as well. Everywhere it goes, girls seem to go missing. There are rumors that there is a real vampire amongst the actors in the play. What will come of Fallcrest?

Update: Our adventurers have eradicated the vampire stage crew. Fallcrest is saved and the missing girl has been rescued. But all is not well. The traveling show has left a trail of death, destruction and tragedy in its wake. Can our adventurers stand up to the task of cleaning up the mess that “Dusk” has left behind? Can they bide the darkness until “Dawn” arrives? Stay tuned!

Rise of the Wimpires

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